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Why choose a local small business over one of the Big Box stores, such as Geek Squad?

This is the most common asked question with the most simple answer - Service! Wtih a small business, the focus is on you the customer and your specific needs. It is not simply how many customers we have or even worse, what products can I sell you that you don't even need, while you are in the store. The Big Box stores are about the bottom line, where DLG Computer Solutions is about service and ensuring you are 100% satisfied! As a small business, we can cater to you, allowing for more flexible hours, onsite visits, and we can even come pick up your PC and drop it off when fixed if you would like.

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I am having problems with my PC at home, but due to my busy schedule with work and my children, I am unable to bring the PC to you. Is there anyway I can still have my PC fixed?

Of course, we offer in-home and on-site service to all our residential and small business customers. In addition, when the problem causes for extensive work or troubleshooting, we can pick up your PC and then drop it back off when it is fixed.

What type of PC's do you fix?

We work on any Windows PC, laptop, and MACs. There is no PC we do not work on.

What is this "Cloud" thing I hear people talking about and should I use it?

Simply, the "Cloud" is a group of computer servers located all over the world that you can use to store and manage your files. Access to the cloud is provided by various services and depending on what you are looking for, helps dictate which is best for you. Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud services, which allows users to store their files with Dropbox, making them available to you from any device, anywhere in the world, anytime. A great example is the ability to access personal documents or even photos when home on your PC, but also even when at the beach, mall or your kid's soccer game from your smartphone or tablet! We can sit down and discuss your needs, then set you up with the service which best fits those needs.